Touched what I never touched before, seen what I never seen before…sky high, sky high. #lbc

Another shot in his essence. #skateboard #skater #denver #303boards #vans

Happy anniversary to my brother @mr_brofessional and sister in law @gharris123 you two are such a beautiful force!

Weekend #sketching with my trusty old black #sharpie. #art #neverBored #heathershotyou

Walking to the neighborhood urban garden to get some munchies and seen these beautiful tulips. We out here doing our community thang as usual. #volunteer #community #beActive

Progress…3 panels so far, still have 1 more to collage then moving on to the next stage. #blackamericana #art #collage #mammy #minstrelshow

A piece I started working on last week, not finished with it yet. As I work thru it I think about it, amongst other things. I always think why am I going this? For who? In college I was always the only Black female in most of my classes and 9 times out of 10 they didn’t understand my work, but it didn’t stop me and I definitely put my all into it. I bring up college coz I had a break down once in class over a “blackface” discussion and I started to think about that day while working. it was tough being the only poc. I was often appointed the spokesperson for Black ppl even if I didn’t ask for the position. if you know me you know that my work always has some social commentary. I like to tell ppl but only after they express how it makes them feel. I always say as a Black woman it is my duty as an artist to educate the uneducated. But My art isn’t for everyone. #cutpaper #collage #art #blackamericana #mammy

My fellas went to watch the fight, I’m a square I stayed home. My new friend #CharlesShaw aka #2buckChuck came through tho.